The proprietary technology of ANNIHILATION ensures the safe and complete elimination of pests that affect modern agriculture and gardens. In most cases, insects and eggs are dissolved leaving a plant free of infestation.


How it works is our little secret; however, you are more than welcome to watch it work. Pick an easily accessible area of the plant that is infested and spray it with ANNIHILATION. After a few seconds the insects will twitch and die, after 10 minutes’ legs and antennae will dissolve, and after an hour or so, depending on the size of the insects, the bodies and eggs will dissolve.

ANNIHILATION cannot be sold as a concentrate as we have manipulated the quantum structure of the liquid. Dilution would negate this effect.


One Gallon: $25

Five Gallon Container : $100

55 gallon and 275 gallon also available


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Instructions for use

Annihilation is ready to use. Do not dilute. Spray plant thoroughly to ensure complete coverage. Annihilation is safe to use with any type of sprayer and is good as a root drench. Do not use on unrooted clones. Very young plants and recently rooted clones may experience mild burning. To avoid this, rinse the plant with water 10 minutes after the application of annihilation. Repeat as needed. Annihilation may be used daily for up to 3 days in the cases of extreme infestation. As annihilation is most effective when directly contacting the insect, 2 consecutive days of application is recommended. For preventative or maintenance sprays, 3 to 5 days between applications is advised. Do not spray within 5 days of the use of another pesticide product. Wait 2 weeks before application if any sulfur product is used. Dispose of properly and discard if the product separates and no longer looks milky white. Keep out of reach of children.

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“Our crops were suffering until we discovered Annihilation. The team was very helpful, the product was easy it use, and it worked just like they said. We couldn’t be happier”
Pat Conroy
“We had a crop infestation that was turning into a serious crisis. Annihilation killed the bugs and even handled the cleanup. Great product!”
Gary R.